Maike Lenz-Scheele

Pädagogin und Trainerin

Work experience
30 years

German and English

Körperorientiertes Arbeiten

Maike Lenz-Scheele offers sustainable consulting, meeting clients at eye level. Focusing on the client's goal her special attention is as much on the big picture as on the details. She is a very facilitator, her work is on transferring into everyday life.


  • Educator with her own dance school from 1990 - 1998
  • Since 2001 she is a trainer and coach for alexander technique, member at ATVD (professional association for alexander-technique teachers)
  • Consultant, trainer and coach with hypno-systemic background
  • She is trained in focusing and EOL (experienceoriented learning)
  • For many years she taught at phillips university in Marburg

Fields of Expertise

  • Coaching for entrepreneurs, freelancers, managers, performers and people in crisis
  • Training in communication, conversation techniques, presentation, healthy leadership, resilience, stress management, healthy work life, body coaching in the work environment, work-life-balance
  • Team building
  • Concept development