• Enhancing expertise

    The world is undergoing rapid change. Discourse in the work environment is dominated by such terms as VUCA, Agile Working or Industry 4.0. Companies are adopting new approaches, all of which have in common that working structures are changing and specialised experts are gaining increased significance within companies. In the race against competition, it is becoming increasingly crucial that their expertise and ideas are incorporated into the company and that interaction between experts and line managers is productive in their specific roles.

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For experts to be effective,

they must perceive themselves as entrepreneurs within the company and operate in the light of this as one who solves problems, gives advice, imparts knowledge and lays the ground for pending decisions. The effective expert is an independent team player and a driving force behind company issues.

We will support you, the expert, to develop your personal effectiveness to the full. This involves finding your way through the jungle prevailing in modern organisations, including multi-dimensional organisational structures and constant changes to the demands on your role in the company. We will work to enhance the foundations of your work: your strength of character, the clarity of your role and your objectives, your values, your methods and your inner balance.

Typical topics

for trainings for experts are:

  • Different roles and their interaction in companies
  • Conveying complex facts and information in a form suitable for the target group
  • Developing your powers of persuasion
  • Consulting skills
  • Rhetoric communication and presence
  • Dealing with resistance and conflicts within the company
  • Personal strategy, self-marketing and self-management

We have been consulting, coaching and training experts from different levels in the hierarchy of large companies, SMEs and non-profit organisations in Germany and abroad for many years. We offer you the benefit of our experience, our methodological expertise and our personal commitment for the task at hand, helping you to achieve your objectives.

Gebraucht werden Experten als kommunikationsstarke Co-Unternehmer. Nicht gebraucht werden eigenbrötlerische Nobelpreisträger.

Wolfgang Reiber - Partner im Ruhestand, Metrion Management Consulting