• Resolve Conflicts

    Workplace conflicts are normal and signal that there is room for improvement. They point to opportunities for growth, progress, learning and improving of relationships. On-going, unresolved conflicts, on the other hand, usually lead to a feeling of helplessness, anger, resignation, inner resignation and make a good and efficient cooperation practically impossible. They clearly endanger success.

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Constructively talking

about conflicts is often avoided by the parties involved, either because they assume that “It isn’t going to help anyway” or they are afraid that the conflict may escalate out of control.

This is where conflict moderation comes into play that we usually offer in the form of clarification support. This is a clearly structured, effective mediation method for difficult, interpersonal conflict situations.

Which results can you expect?

  • Clarification of the situation and of the emotional background and dynamics
  • Clarification of what is needed to find a sustainable solution
  • Promotion of the skills of those involved to enable direct contact and strengthening of the cooperation

How do we proceed?

  1. We clarify what happened in the past:
    What led over and over again to disruptions in the way people cooperated? Who accused whom of what?
  2. We clarify what is happening right now:
    What “old baggage” are we carrying with us out of the past into the future? Clarification conversations as a dialog between the team members.
  3. We plan for the future:
    What kind of cooperation do we want for the future - one that will be efficient and one that we can be satisfied with? What do we need to agree on now?

Clarification support can be used to rectify conflict situations between individuals, within and between teams, departments and organisations. As soon as cooperation is hindered and a good, healthy communication is blocked, then misunderstandings reign supreme.

Das In-Erscheinung-Treten von Konflikten wird oft als Problem gesehen. Probleme entstehen aber viel eher dann, wenn Konflikte nicht in Erscheinung treten.

Pia Gaspard - Partnerin, Metrion Management Consulting