• Effective Coaching

    Coaching involves supporting people as dialog partners and equals who are faced with challenging situations to help them find their own best possible solutions. This represents the purest form of sustainable learning.

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Are you looking for coaching

for yourself or for your team? Are you looking for a professional “coach the coach” qualification for your leaders or your experts? We have many years of experience and extensive expertise in both areas.

Personal Coaching und Team Coaching

We offer:

  • coaching for personality development
  • determination where you are and where you are going
  • preparation for a next career step
  • coaching for a new role in your organisation
  • coaching for conflict, crisis and change situations and
  • work-life balance coaching
  • presentation coaching

We coach:

  • leaders at all hierarchical levels
  • experts
  • individuals in agile environments
  • entrepreneurs and freelancers
  • teams
  • women in positions of leadership
  • people with a LGBT orientation

We help clarify what is important to you, your specific needs and your unique goals. We help you to expand your repertoire of action as you effectively deal with relevant situations. We provide for sustainable learning while structuring the coaching process to be as compact as possible.

“Coach the Coach” Qualifications

To lead others as equals, to activate sustainable learning, to be able to offer effective support in personally difficult and sensitive situations: To master these points, leaders need coaching skills today more than ever.

The same applies for experts or internal consultants who need coaching skills to achieve long-term positive impacts and successes in traditional as well as in agile organisations.

We have been carrying out “coach the coach” qualifications for years. These are designed for various target groups and organisations. We arrange and provide for:

  • an understanding for the role of coach as various other roles interplay,
  • the recognition of prerequisites for coaching and the leverage you need to improve them,
  • methods for effective coaching,
  • an understanding of coaching as a compelling and non-linear dialog process,
  • practice-oriented training possibilities,
  • helpful attitudes,
  • reflection on your own practical experiences and
  • a professional handling of difficult situations.

Working together with you, we develop a custom-fit qualification program for your needs, so that coaching can become lively and effective in your setting.



Kein Coachinggespräch gleicht dem anderen. Effektives Coaching erfordert in jedem Moment situatives, nicht schematisches Agieren und Reagieren.

Dr. Stefan Hölscher - Partner, Metrion Management Consulting