• Promote Sustainable Health

    Not only at the individual level, but also for an entire organisation, the rule applies: healthy, sustainable success requires healthy continuous (self-)leadership. Good health needs leadership and leadership needs good health. This is a fundamental truth.

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We have been supporting

our customers for years in matters regarding preventative ways to stay healthy and how they can improve their health. We plan and carry out various trainings that focus on healthy leadership, resilience, work-life balance and stress management for all hierarchical levels.

We accompany your organisation on company-led health management projects and advise the committees and individuals that are involved. We carry out team and individual coaching measures to improve resilience, healthy (self-)management and burn-out prevention.

We help you

to find more clarity and the right leverage when answering questions like these:

  • What is actually good health for a unique individual, for a team and for the entire organisation?
  • What are the typical characteristics of healthy (self-)management?
  • How do pressure and available resources interact in your working environment?
  • How can you recognise mental overstress or illness?
  • What should you watch out for when communicating in mentally stressful situations?
  • How can people best be purposefully supported in questions about health and stress?
  • Which challenges for mental and cooperative fitness do teams of mixed age groups encounter and how can these challenges be sensibly faced?
  • How is it possible to sustainably promote health consciousness and resilience?

We assist you in clarifying your specific needs and support you as you continue to promote healthy success for you and those around you.



Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden sind der Angelpunkt, ohne den wir heute keine Freude und Morgen keinen Erfolg mehr haben werden.

Dr. Stefan Hölscher - Partner, Metrion Management Consulting