• Develop Teams

    Without the cooperation of teams, modern organisations are unimaginable. An efficient and fruitful cooperation, however, is utterly ridden with prerequisites, especially when these teams are increasingly asked to closely cooperate between branch offices and even countries.

We're keen to hear from you!

You want to:

  • carry out a kick-off for a team with new members or with new tasks
  • develop an agile mind-set and cooperation within your team
  • implement a new team strategy
  • clarify especially precarious challenges or conflicts and
  • improve the interfaces between teams.

We also moderate workshops to help teams strengthen or stabilise their performance, both within individual teams and between teams that share a common interface.

We support you

by helping to identify and clarify success-critical questions faced by your team, for example

  • Concerning relevant external relationships: Which expectations and demands do our relevant partners have?
  • What about internal structures: How stable are they? What are our core competencies? How fluid is our communication? How do we organise our cooperation in the virtual world?
  • The working atmosphere: How do we handle differences of opinion and conflicts? How do we get along with intercultural differences?
  • The roles: How do we understand our individual roles within the team? How can we productively fulfil these roles?
  • Leader behaviour: Which mutual expectations exist? How is it possible to optimise cooperation?

We help you to develop a strong team.

Selbstorganisation braucht motivierte und ehrgeizige Teammitglieder, die sich nicht mit angenehmer Mittelmäßigkeit zufrieden geben.

Wolfgang Reiber - Partner im Ruhestand, Metrion Management Consulting