• Design Change

    Changes in organisations take place all the time. Nevertheless, the success rate of these changes is disappointing. One of the most common reasons for this is a typically unilateral, commercial way of looking at things. Change processes are planned, implemented and stabilised by people whose behaviour is only partially governed by rational and “commercially-oriented” thought processes. The objective should therefore be to link the perceptions, experiences and emotions of the people involved with business considerations.

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You want

  • change management with a clear process and a suitable communication concept
  • leaders and staff members who shape together the necessary changes
  • leaders and change agents who react to unavoidable conflicts, insecurity and turbulence by showing empathy, intuition, tact, but also emphasis and determination
  • leaders who deal with unavoidable conflicts of interest in a predictable and fair manner.

We support you

to develop suitable and constructive solutions for the successful creation of strategic, structural and cultural changes.

We offer you our know-how and our experience for a custom-made change process and for an effective process management. We can moderate workshops, consult, qualify and coach groups, committees and individuals, and, when needed, we can offer conflict consultation.

Feel free to build on our competent support if you need a design for a sustainable and successful change management project.

Manchmal muss man sich dramatisch verändern, um aus seinem Leben ein Lustspiel zu machen.

Dr. Stefan Hölscher - Partner, Metrion Management Consulting