Roswitha Reiber

Betriebswirtin und Industriekauffrau

Managing Partner and founding member of Metrion Management Consulting

Work experience
40 years

German & English




  • Graduated in Business  Administration (Betriebswirtin), industrial business management assistant
  • Extensive experience in industrial economics, mainly in the areas of sales and marketing, human resources and controlling
  • Assistant to the general manager of the branch office in a sales and marketing organisation
  • Office manager of a consulting company in Frankfurt, Germany that was active in the area of “mergers and acquisitions"
  • On-going training programmes in the areas of communication, group dynamics, work flow, electronic data processing
  • Managing partner and co-founder of Metrion Management Consulting

Fields of Expertise

  • Communicative link between customers and consultants
  • Contact person for customers in all matters regarding organisation like Metrion events, seminar documentation, consultant appointments
  • Administration of documentation, publications, general information
  • Internal office management

Gebraucht werden Experten als kommunikationsstarke Co-Unternehmer. Nicht gebraucht werden eigenbrötlerische Nobelpreisträger.

Wolfgang Reiber - Partner, Metrion Management Consulting